Thiago Silva - the most age-related bombarder over the past nine years

"Thiago Silva does not get tired to surprise with his football longevity. Moreover, Chelsea defender has time to fulfill not only their direct responsibilities, but also effectively connect to the attacks of ""blue"". On Sunday, the Brazilian recorded another goal, having distinguished himself in the match of the England championship against Tottenham.

OPTA statistics noticed that Thiago Silva became the most age football player over the past nine years, which was able to write down the head of the APL. On Sunday, the age of Brazilians amounted to 37 years and 123 days. The latter similar case was recorded in December 2013, when the midfielder ""Manchester United"" Ryan Giggs, who was 39 years old at that time."

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Ruh released a comic about his superhero, announced a new transfer from France

"Lviv ""Ruh"" released the first comic from the universe of his superhero. It should be noted that the superhero Lviv is Maskot Ruchman, in the title of which there is similarity with Batman.

The plot is pretty simple: Lviv's head coach Leonid Kuchuk causes a ruffle for help with transfers that need a team before the start of the spring part of the season. Interestingly, on the last page of the comic is a hint about the future newcomer club. Kuchuk says she expects a new player on Tuesday, noting at the same time that the team needs Winger. Ruchman himself goes to France."

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Taras Kabanov: "In the struggle for bronze, my favorite - Zarya"

"While in the Ukrainian Championship Winter Pause, the team1 decided to communicate with authoritative domestic specialists, asking them several topical issues related to the Premier Liga. But you need to note that all this is at the moment. What happened from this, judge for yourself.

She took part in this heading an ex-player Karpat and the national team of Ukraine Taras Kabanov.

- Taras, who is the chief applicant for winning the championship?

- If frankly, I sympathize Dynamo, which bet on homegrown performers. And the fact that the Dynamo school works productively, confirms the invitation of Vitaly Mikolenko into the strongest league of the world. By the way, I do not consider his care to English Everton a lot of loss for Kievans. Just the position of the left defender is not key in tactical constructions.

In the struggle for the champion title, there will be a lot to depend on whether the Dynamo will grow by the scoring striker. If so, then it will noticeably complicate the life of the miner, otherwise the miners will return the title of the best team.

- What team will conquer bronze medals?

- MOY Favorite - Zarya, who has more experience and a more balanced composition than competitors - Dnipro-1 and Vorskla.

- What are the four teams, which, according to the results of the championship, will take place from the 13th to the 16th?

- Will be forced to decrease in the class Maryupol and Mine, and participation in transitional fights can not be avoided by someone from the Trinity: Inguletz, Lviv, Metallist 1925. I think that Chernomorets under the guidance of the new head coach of G. Grigigorchuk will be able to scatter from the danger zone.

- What football player remember you in the first part of the season?

- At one time I had to perform in the attack, so I watched the players of this role more. The Dneprian Artem Dovznyk was well shown well, I will give tribute to Dynamo Universal Denis Harmash, who quite effectively acted on the edge.

- What do you say about the level of the championship compared to the past years?

- In my opinion, he grows. And although the fate of the championship title is again solved in the rivalry of Dynamo and Shakhtar, but they are increasingly difficult for them in battles with pursuers. Dnipro-1, Vorskla and Alexandria, especially added."

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Left the club bus. Jürgen Klopp ruled several bottles with beer for fans of Liverpool

"The manager of the English ""Liverpool"" Jürgen Klopp went to the fans of the ""red"" after the victory of the team over the ""Crystal Palace"" (3: 1) in the match of the 23rd round of the championship. The German coach made two bottles of PERONI beer from the club bus.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, Merserside fans could not attend the Eagles stadium. Only a few fans came to London to ""Sellhurst Park"" and waited for a team after the final whistle. Clopp could not ignore them - in addition to several bottles of a foam, Jürgen gave them to his radiant smile.

Manchester City leads in the championship standings - 23 matches, 57 points. Liverpool breathes in the back with a duel in the reserve (48 points)."

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Gambling operator Penn National Gaming will open the third gambling house in Pennsylvania

American gambling operator Penn National Gaming announced the launch of Hollywood Casino in Springetsbury, York County, PA on August 12, 2021.

The 7,430 square meter gambling house has 500 slot machines and 24 table games. Guests of this establishment will be able to stay at the hotel and eat at the restaurants that are part of the same complex with the casino.

This is the third Penn National Gaming company in Pennsylvania.

NewsOfGambling wrote that Caesars Entertainment has received permission to repurpose a former textile mill in Danville to replace it with a casino.

As reported, the gambling house at the Calgary International Airport will open in 2022.

Recall that in Columbus (Nebraska), a racetrack and a casino will also be launched in 2022.

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The Dutch gambling regulator fined N1 Interactive Ltd 500 thousand euros

The Dutch government regulator of gambling has punished an offshore operator who illegally worked with Dutch gamblers.

The agency fined a company registered in Malta N1 Interactive Ltd for 500 thousand euros for illegally offering online gambling to residents of the Netherlands through its Betchan website.

In addition, the regulator said that now the above-mentioned web resource is not available to those who are in the Netherlands.

As NewsOfGambling reported, the Dutch authorities have set new taxes and licensing fees for operators of gambling entertainment.

Earlier it became known that the legal online gambling market in the Netherlands will officially open on October 1, 2021.

In order to obtain licenses for online gambling in the Netherlands, 28 companies have submitted their applications to the state regulator of gambling in the Netherlands.

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Indians plan to create their own gambling house in the Phoenix area

A new casino in the Phoenix metropolitan area (capital of Arizona) is planned to be built by the Gila River Indian community.

The exact location for the gambling house has not yet been determined, but most likely it will be near the Hunt Highway and Gilbert Road.

The design of the facility will take, according to community representatives, 18-24 months.

The construction of the casino will begin after the issue of gambling in the gambling houses of Indian tribes is settled in Arizona.

As NewsOfGambling reported, the Governor of Washington State has signed an agreement with Indian tribes, according to which sports betting is allowed in their casinos.

Earlier it became known that gambling houses of the Oneida Indian tribe and associated places in Wisconsin received the right to bet.

Recall that Maine has vetoed a bill to allow Indian tribes to build casinos on their lands.

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All gambling is outlawed in Bangladesh

The Supreme Court of Bangladesh has ruled that all gambling is illegal in that country.

In addition, according to the decision of this court, Bangladeshi law enforcement officers must seize all gambling equipment, wherever it is.

All persons involved in gambling in Bangladesh are offenders who need to be punished (and harshly).

NewsOfGambling wrote that the state regulator of gambling in Ireland will be created by the end of 2021.

As reported, Norway introduced new legislation on gambling, which secures the monopoly of the two state operators on gambling.

As a reminder, Russia has adopted a law on extrajudicial blocking of web resources related to transactions of illegal online casinos.

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Bitcoin price plummeted to nearly 42 thousand dollars

Bitcoin price plummeted to $ 42,000. This happened for the first time since September 30. A similar sharp drop was recorded for other cryptocurrencies. In general, the market fell by about 20%.

Before the fall, the bitcoin rate was equal to about 53 thousand dollars. This crash was the most powerful for cryptocurrency since September 30 this year. Then she also dropped to 42 thousand dollars.

Currently, the rate of cryptocurrencies has slowed down the decline. As of 12:47, according to the portal, the cost of bitcoin is 47.4 thousand dollars. On the crypto exchange, bitcoin is slightly higher - 47.5 thousand dollars.

On November 9, Bitcoin reached 67.57 thousand dollars during the trading session.

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency sank 11%

Bitcoin was trading at $ 50,340.3 on the Index at 08:02 (05:02 GMT) on Saturday, down 11.06% on the day. This was the most significant drop in cryptocurrency value since September 7th.

The drop also triggered a drop in Bitcoin's market cap to $ 947.4B, or 41.10% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. While earlier at the peaks, Bitcoin's capitalization was $ 1.275.5B.

In the past 24 hours, Bitcoin has traded in a range of $ 49,659.5 to $ 53,847.2.

Over the past 7 days, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency has experienced a fall in the rate within the range lost 8.06%. The volume of Bitcoin traded in the last 24 hours prior to the publication of this material was $ 41.5B or 29.49% of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. It has traded in a range of $ 49.659.5391 to $ 59.174.4492 in the past 7 days.

At the moment, Bitcoin is still below 27.03% of its peak of $ 68.990.63, which was reached on November 10.

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Cryptocurrency XRP sank 20%

XRP traded at $ 0.77599 on the Index at 08:05 (05:05 GMT) on Saturday, down 19.99% that day. This was the most significant drop in cryptocurrency value since June 21st.

The drop also triggered a drop in XRP's market cap to $ 39.00962B, or 1.69% of the total cryptocurrency market cap. While earlier at the peaks, XRP capitalization was $ 83.44071B.

XRP has traded in a range of $ 0.75977 to $ 0.92437 in the past 24 hours.

Over the past 7 days, the XRP cryptocurrency has experienced a fall in the rate within the range lost 14.06%. The volume of XRP currency traded in the last 24 hours prior to the publication of this material was $ 2.95044B or 2.10% of the total volume of all cryptocurrencies. It has traded in a range of $ 0.7598 to $ 1.0297 in the past 7 days.

At the moment, XRP is still below 76.41% of its $ 3.29 peak, which was reached on January 4, 2018.

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A frigate for the Indian Navy was launched in Kaliningrad

At the Baltic shipyard "Yantar" in Kaliningrad, a solemn ceremony of naming and launching the frigate Tushil took place. This is the first of two ships of Project 11356, built at the plant by order of India.

The Project 11356 frigate was laid down at Yantar in 2013 under the name Admiral Butakov by order of the Russian Defense Ministry, the press service of the plant said. Later, its construction was suspended. It continued after Russia and India in 2016 entered into an intergovernmental agreement on the completion of two ships of this project for the Indian Navy.

Indian Ambassador to Russia Venkatesh Varma, who took part in the ceremony, stressed that these ships are evidence of many years of friendship, as well as the result of long-term military cooperation and reflect the strategic relationship between the two countries.

“We highly appreciate the trust of the Indian customer, who has decided to continue the construction of Project 11356 frigates at Yantar,” noted Ilya Samarin, general director of the Yantar shipyard.

Two godmothers took part in launching the frigate. The wife of the ambassador, Mrs. Datla Vidya Varma, according to Indian tradition, giving the ship a name, smashed a coconut on its stem. On the Russian side, a bottle of champagne was smashed against the side of the ship by the plant's leading process engineer Natalya Palamarchuk. Tushil was then moved to a floating dock for launching.

On the second ship of this project - Tamala - the slipway stage of construction is nearing completion. It is scheduled to be launched early next year. The transfer of two frigates to the customer should take place in 2023, according to the terms of the contract.

Earlier, in 2012-13, three Project 11356 frigates were built at the Kaliningrad plant for the Indian Navy: Tag, Tarkash and Trikand. At that time, the BrahMos missile system was installed on them for the first time, a product of the successful integration of the technological capabilities of Russia and India.

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Prime Minister Modi Attends Heads of State Summits in Rome and Glasgow

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid a five-day visit to Italy (Rome) and Great Britain (Glasgow). He participated in the 26th UN Conference of Parties (COP26), at which he outlined India's commitments to the development of renewable energy sources, and at the G20 summit, where he outlined the country's position on global issues.

At the Glasgow Climate Conference, Prime Minister Modi made a constructive statement and highlighted the scale and depth of India's climate change response and the future goals the country has set for itself.

In his speech at COP26, Prime Minister Modi announced five "primary elements" (amrit tattwa), including the goal of achieving zero emissions by 2070. He announced that India will increase its non-fossil energy production capacity to 500 GW and cover 50 percent of its energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2030.

Highlighting India's efforts to tackle climate change, Prime Minister Modi said India is the only major economy to follow the Paris Accords in letter and in spirit.

Noting that climate change is a big threat to the existence of some developing countries, Prime Minister Modi said that it is his duty to raise the voice of developing countries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson launched the Infrastructure for the Resilient Island States (IRIS) project in Glasgow. Its launch was part of the activities of the International Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI), created in 2016 at the initiative of Narendra Modi.

The Indian Prime Minister also attended the Infrastructure for Sustainable Island States launch event and announced that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) will create a dedicated database for Small Island Developing States (SIDS ) to obtain timely information on cyclones, coral reef and coastline monitoring via satellite.

He also attended the Build Back Better for the World (B3W) partnership event and highlighted four aspects of building infrastructure, including sustainable and transparent funding that respects the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all nations.

In Rome, Prime Minister Modi attended the G20 summit and held several bilateral meetings with leading world leaders. He met with President of the European Council Charles Michel and Head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on the sidelines of the 16th G20 Summit. During the meeting, the leaders of India and the EU addressed a wide range of issues related to political ties and relations in the field of security, trade and investment.

During his visit to Rome, Prime Minister Modi spoke with members of various organizations, including representatives of the Sikh community. In addition, he held bilateral meetings with several heads of state on the sidelines of the G20 - German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. Narendra Modi also spoke with French President Emmanuel Macron, and both leaders expressed satisfaction with the state of the large-scale strategic partnership between India and France.

Attending three sessions on issues such as the global economy, climate change mitigation and sustainable development, the Prime Minister stressed that India has always taken its global commitments seriously.

He also supported a minimum corporate tax rate of 15 percent, which will be a vital step in creating a fairer global financial architecture.

Highlighting the need to mitigate climate change and ensure climate justice, Prime Minister Modi presented three practical points to G20 partners. He noted that it is imperative that the UN Sustainable Development Goals are a priority in the world in the post-Covid-19 recovery process.

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Russia begins deliveries of S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems to India

Russia began to supply India with S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM). RIA Novosti was informed about this by the director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev before the start of the Dubai Airshow.

According to him, supplies of equipment for the S-400 air defense system for India "have begun and are proceeding according to schedule." Recall that Russia and India signed a contract for the supply of S-400s in October 2018. The cost of the five regimental kits is $ 5.43 billion.

Earlier, Dmitry Shugaev said that Russia in the future may supply S-500 air defense systems to India, China and other partner countries. He clarified that the export of the system will become possible when it is put into service. According to the head of the FSMTC, it is logical that India will become interested in the S-500 system after receiving the S-400.

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Anaheim beat St. Louis

Anaheim beat St. Louis in the NHL regular season. The meeting ended with a score of 4: 1.

For Anaheim, goals were scored by Sam Steele, Troy Terry, Sam Carrick and Benoit Grul. Brandon Saad scored against St. Louis.

Anaheim has 15 points and is ranked 5th in the Western Conference. St. Louis also have 15 points and 4th position.



Regular season

Anaheim - St. Louis - 4: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 3: 0)

Goals: Saad - 4 (Perron, Pareyko), 0:13 - 0: 1. Carrick - 3 (Grant, Gro), 28:23 - 1: 1. Terry - 8 (big., Milano, Fowler), 42:46 - 2: 1. Steel - 3 (Lindholm, Delorier), 48:31 - 3: 1. Gro - 1 (p.v., Terry, Lindholm), 59:12 - 4: 1.

Goalkeepers: Gibson - Binnington (54:48 - 59:12).

Penalty: 2 - 4.

Throws: 27 (9 + 6 + 12) - 35 (8 + 12 + 15).

Ours: - - Barbashev (14.26 / 1 / -2), Buchnevich (17.50 / 4 / -1), Kostin (13.59 / 2 / -1), Tarasenko (19.13 / 3 / -2).



Patrick Kane becomes the third Chicago player to score 1,100 points in the NHL

Forward "Chicago" Patrick Kane was marked by an assist in the NHL regular season match against "Nashville" (2: 1 OT).

Now the 32-year-old American has 1100 (409 + 691) points in the NHL. To do this, he needed 1038 matches. Kane became the third Blackhawks player to reach the 1,100 point mark. This was previously done by Stan Mikita (1467) and Bobby Hull (1153).

In the current season, Kane played 9 matches in which he scored 12 (5 + 7) points.



Golden State beat Houston

Golden State beat Houston in an NBA regular season match. The meeting ended with a score of 120: 107.

Golden State defender Jordan Poole has 25 points. Jason Tate became the most productive player of “Houston” with 21 points.

Golden State has eight wins and first place in the Western Conference. Houston are in 14th position with one win.



Regular season

Golden State - Houston - 120: 107 (37:32, 32:29, 34:22, 17:24)



NHL: Schedule November 8th. Minnesota Kaprizova beat Islanders, and other games

On the night of November 8, the next matches of the NHL regular championship will be held. Kirill Kaprizov's Minnesota vs. Islanders, Anaheim vs. St. Louis and other meetings.
NHL. Regular season

Detroit - Vegas - 5: 2 (3: 1, 1: 0, 1: 1).
Goals: Roy - 2 (Pietrangelo, Theodore), 3:48 - 0: 1. Raymond - 6 (big., Bertuzzi, Zadina), 8:17 - 1: 1. Fabbri - 3 (big, Suter, Leddy), 10:13 - 2: 1. Suter - 3 (Gronek, Leddy), 18:28 - 3: 1. Governors - 5 (Stevens, Gagne), 30:39 - 4: 1. Marchessault - 6 (Rua), 44:25 - 4: 2. Bertuzzi - 9 (p.v., Gagne, Gronek), 59:49 - 5: 2.
Goalkeepers: Griss - Brossua (55:52 - 59:49).
Penalty: 6 - 8.
Throws: 30 (7 + 10 + 13) - 40 (13 + 7 + 20).
Ours: Governors (11.27 / 4 / + 1) - Dadonov (18.24 / 2 / -1).
Detroit. Little Caesars Arena.

Chicago - Nashville - 2: 1 OT (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0)
Goals: Hagel - 4 (S. Jones, Toews), 27:15 - 1: 0. Carrier - 1, 29:05 - 1: 1. Debrinkat - 7 (Kane, Lankinen), 60:37 - 2: 1.
Goalkeepers: Lankinen - Saros.
Penalty: 4 - 6.
Throws: 32 (10 + 7 + 14 + 1) - 21 (5 + 8 + 8 + 0).
Ours: - - Trenin (16.40 / 2/0).
Chicago. United Center.

Anaheim - St. Louis - 4: 1 (0: 1, 1: 0, 3: 0)
Goals: Saad - 4 (Perron, Pareyko), 0:13 - 0: 1. Carrick - 3 (Grant, Gro), 28:23 - 1: 1. Terry - 8 (big., Milano, Fowler), 42:46 - 2: 1. Steel - 3 (Lindholm, Delorier), 48:31 - 3: 1. Gro - 1 (p.v., Terry, Lindholm), 59:12 - 4: 1.
Goalkeepers: Gibson - Binnington (54:48 - 59:12).
Penalty: 2 - 4.
Throws: 27 (9 + 6 + 12) - 35 (8 + 12 + 15).
Ours: - - Barbashev (14.26 / 1 / -2), Buchnevich (17.50 / 4 / -1), Kostin (13.59 / 2 / -1), Tarasenko (19.13 / 3 / -2).
Anaheim. Honda Center. 12 056 spectators.

Minnesota - Islanders - 5: 2 (0: 1, 1: 1, 4: 0)
Goals: Li - 3 (Khara, Barzal), 19:41 - 0: 1. Byugstad - 2 (Duheim), 29:59 - 1: 1. Lee - 4 (Barzal), 32:04 - 1: 2. Hartman - 6 (Kulikov, Shturm), 47:17 - 2: 2. Duheim - 2 (Hartman, Dam), 49:18 - 3: 2. Brodin - 2 (p.v.), 58:13 - 4: 2. Dam - 2 (p.v.), 59:11 - 5: 2.
Goalkeepers: Kyahkenen - Varlamov (57:27 - 58:13, 58:36 - 59:11).
Penalty: 2 - 4.
Shots: 39 (14 + 9 + 16) - 21 (10 + 9 + 2).
Ours: Whims (20.12 / 4/0), Kulikov (17.27 / 0 / + 2).
Saint Paul. Xcel Energy Center. 15 547 spectators.

06:00. Vancouver Canucks v Dallas Stars



The participants of the 1/8 finals of the MLS Cup have been determined. The reigning champion did not make it to the playoffs

In North America, the MLU Regular Championship has ended.

According to the results of 34 matches, 14 teams were determined, which got into the Cup playoffs. According to the regulations, the winners of the Western and Eastern conferences will automatically advance to the quarterfinals, the remaining 12 teams - to the 1/8 finals.

1/8 finals:

New York City - Atlanta;

Nashville vs. Orlando City;

Philadelphia Union - New York Red Bulls;

Portland Timbers v Minnesota;

Sporting Kansas City v Vancouver;

Seattle Sounders v Real Salt Lake.

1/4 finals:

New England Revolution - winner of the New York City - Atlanta match;

Colorado Rapids win Portland Timbers vs. Minnesota.

Los Angeles Galaxy, Los Angeles, San Jose, Dallas, Austin, Dynamo Houston, DC United, Montreal, Inter Miami "," Chicago Fire "," Toronto "," Cincinnati ", as well as the reigning champion" Columbus Crew ".

The MLS Cup playoffs will take place from 20 November to 11 December 2021.



Charlotte lost to Clippers

The Clippers beat Charlotte in the NBA regular season 120-106.

The Clippers' most productive player was Paul George, who was able to score 20 points in this meeting. Lamelo Ball scored 21 points for Charlotte.

The Clippers are ranked 5th in the Western Conference with five wins. Charlotte also has 5 wins and 9th position in the Eastern Conference.



Regular season

Los Angeles Clippers - Charlotte - 120: 106 (31:39, 30:19, 28:29, 31:19)



Giovinazzi disappointed with Alfa Romeo's tactics in Mexico Grand Prix

Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi criticized the team's tactics in the Mexico Grand Prix. Due to an early pit stop, the driver lost several positions.

“Disappointed and angry. Pit stop? They called me and I drove into the pits. The problem is that I left immediately behind Ricciardo and Bottas, who had not yet entered. Warmed up the tires, but the pace was slower than on the "medium". I missed the opportunity for an undercard.

Then the tires were completely gone, and the pilots who stopped later were faster than me. Absolutely wrong strategy.

I didn't want to believe that the team was spoiling my race. But now I am really very disappointed ”, - quotes Formula Passion Giovinazzi with reference to Sky Sport Italia.

Giovinazzi finished in eleventh place. Note that he was the only Formula 1 driver who did not sign a contract with the team for the 2022 season.

Red Bull's Max Verstappen won. The second was the Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Another Red Bull pilot, Sergio Perez, closed the top three.



Shevchenko: "We are starting a new adventure to bring Genoa back to its great history"

Genoa head coach Andriy Shevchenko commented on his appointment as head coach of the Genoa club.

"We are starting a new adventure to bring Genoa back to its great history," Shevchenko wrote on Twitter.

Genoa is the nine-time champion of Italy. The last time a Genoese club won the title was in 1924.

After 12 rounds of the Italian championship, Genoa scored nine points and took 17th place in the standings.

On November 7, the Genoese club announced the appointment of Shevchenko as head coach. The contract with the 45-year-old Ukrainian is valid until 2024.



Teterushanu on the reflected penalty from Martinez: "I studied Lautaro's performance with the coaching staff."

Milan goalkeeper Ciprian Teterusanu commented on the reflected penalty in the match of the 12th round of the Italian championship with Inter (1: 1) from Nerazzurri striker Lautaro Martinez.

“I thoroughly studied Lautaro's performance style together with the coaching staff, because he is the main staff member of penalty kicks,” Football Italia quotes Teterushanu as saying.

The goalkeeper also spoke about the realized penalty by Inter midfielder Hakan Chalhanoglu.

“As for Hakan's strike, the problem is that we know each other well. I am doing my best to keep up the good work, ”he said.

After 12 rounds of the Italian championship, Milan scored 32 points and took second place in the standings. Inter with 25 points is in third position.



Babenko: “It’s bad that we lost to the Admiral, it’s good that the goalkeeper played to zero”

Vityaz head coach Yuri Babenko summed up the results of the KHL regular championship match against Admiral (0: 1 B).

“It's bad that we lost, it's good that the goalkeeper played to zero. There are many unfulfilled moments, nothing at all worked out in the majority. In a pause, we will work, we hope to correct all the nuances that exist, ”the official website of the KHL quotes Babenko as saying.

After this match, "Admiral" with 17 points takes 11th place in the Eastern Conference, "Vityaz" with 22 points - on the last line of the West.



Chicago beat Nashville in overtime

"Chicago" in the regular season NHL match in overtime beat Nashville with a score of 2: 1.

The guests answered the goal of Brandon Hagel in regulation time with the puck of Alex Carrier. In the first minute of overtime, Alex Debrinkat scored the winning goal.

After this match, "Chicago" with 6 points is in 15th place in the Western Conference, "Nashville" with 13 points - in eighth place in the West.


Regular season

Chicago - Nashville - 2: 1 OT (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0)

Goals: Hagel - 4 (S. Jones, Toews), 27:15 - 1: 0. Carrier - 1, 29:05 - 1: 1. Debrinkat - 7 (Kane, Lankinen), 60:37 - 2: 1.

Goalkeepers: Lankinen - Saros.

Penalty: 4 - 6.

Throws: 32 (10 + 7 + 14 + 1) - 21 (5 + 8 + 8 + 0).

Ours: - - Trenin (16.40 / 2/0).

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