Taras Kabanov: "In the struggle for bronze, my favorite - Zarya"

"While in the Ukrainian Championship Winter Pause, the team1 decided to communicate with authoritative domestic specialists, asking them several topical issues related to the Premier Liga. But you need to note that all this is at the moment. What happened from this, judge for yourself.

She took part in this heading an ex-player Karpat and the national team of Ukraine Taras Kabanov.

- Taras, who is the chief applicant for winning the championship?

- If frankly, I sympathize Dynamo, which bet on homegrown performers. And the fact that the Dynamo school works productively, confirms the invitation of Vitaly Mikolenko into the strongest league of the world. By the way, I do not consider his care to English Everton a lot of loss for Kievans. Just the position of the left defender is not key in tactical constructions.

In the struggle for the champion title, there will be a lot to depend on whether the Dynamo will grow by the scoring striker. If so, then it will noticeably complicate the life of the miner, otherwise the miners will return the title of the best team.

- What team will conquer bronze medals?

- MOY Favorite - Zarya, who has more experience and a more balanced composition than competitors - Dnipro-1 and Vorskla.

- What are the four teams, which, according to the results of the championship, will take place from the 13th to the 16th?

- Will be forced to decrease in the class Maryupol and Mine, and participation in transitional fights can not be avoided by someone from the Trinity: Inguletz, Lviv, Metallist 1925. I think that Chernomorets under the guidance of the new head coach of G. Grigigorchuk will be able to scatter from the danger zone.

- What football player remember you in the first part of the season?

- At one time I had to perform in the attack, so I watched the players of this role more. The Dneprian Artem Dovznyk was well shown well, I will give tribute to Dynamo Universal Denis Harmash, who quite effectively acted on the edge.

- What do you say about the level of the championship compared to the past years?

- In my opinion, he grows. And although the fate of the championship title is again solved in the rivalry of Dynamo and Shakhtar, but they are increasingly difficult for them in battles with pursuers. Dnipro-1, Vorskla and Alexandria, especially added."

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